18-24 Month Old Christmas List

Friday, November 8, 2013

Don't judge me for already having a wish list for Blair. Some people like to shop early! So I'm just making things easier for them. ;) This list has some great unisex items so mom's of boys can shop too! The funny thing is that this year I told Matt, "We don't really need to buy her much." Then I kept thinking of things here and there that she would really enjoy. And well....this is what came of that...

If you have to choose just ONE of these books for your kiddo, make it the top right, The Night Before Christmas. This book is 100% personalized. You can customize the book with your child’s name, birthday, gender, hometown, favorite pet and name of a family member. Write a special dedication message, upload your holiday photo and even include your child on Santa’s “Naughty or Nice” list. I know Blair will love hearing her name and Bella's name throughout the story. Plus right now you can get it for 30% off!

red coupe car     slide     pink rocking horse     baby ergo carrier     baby feeding set     hook on high chair
disney klipklop stable     wheelies amusement park     happy sounds home     disney bracelets     wood fruit
wood pots and pans      

no matter how hard she tries she could never be on Santa's naughty list! ;)

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  1. Love these ideas- especially the disney bangles! I've never seen those!


  2. Loves of great ideas! Totally not judging. I think it's great to get a head start!!! Saves all the headache come December and you can really focus on the reason for the season!! I am attempting to do the same thing. She is just the cutest! Have a great weekend.


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