Weekend Schenanigans

Monday, September 30, 2013

We had a jam-packed but fun weekend! Friday night M and I went out with another couple to the Hollywood Bowl to watch a Keith Urban concert. Our seats went from pretty good to amazing when he decided to walk through the audience and perform right behind us! Unfortunately (or fortunately?) I was that girl who screamed as he walked by and got to touch him. My friend shook his hand but for fear that he wasn't going to see mine I just went for his chest/shoulder/back. I still can't figure out why M didn't run over and do the same? He clearly has no inner 12 year old girl inside of him. ;)

Saturday we attended M's cousin's wedding in Encinitas. The bride was beautiful and we had a wonderful time eating and spending time with family.

my dress: ann taylor loft b's dress: jason wu for target last year
On Sunday I went to an adorable gender reveal party (and failed to take good decor pictures) where we found out my friend is having a BOY in March! They really wanted a boy so it was super fun to see their wishes come true!

On the way home we hit up the grocery store and I couldn't resist this little pumpkin. Oh, and we bought a pumpkin too. ;)

Finally we ended the weekend with Sunday night church outdoors! Lala and B were diggin' the worship music.

shades required
still my baby
SO many other cute photos from this weekend but I gotta save my material for later in the week. ;) Oh, and is it just me or is EVERYONE pregnant?!?! I literally have about 10 girlfriends who are due next spring AND I swear all of my blogging pals are prego with #2! I'm still waiting for you, Natasha, to share some juicy news. ;) I however have no news for you other than we are still not thinking about baby #2 till next year! And with that have a great Monday!


  1. Fun and busy weekend! One of my friends just had her third last week and another is scheduled for hers next Monday if she doesn't come earlier! Lots of babies... I'm also waiting for Ns announcement haha!!

  2. I know! The blogging world is all pregnant with their seconds! I was thinking the same thing about Natasha and you!

  3. I'm so jealous you were in Encinitas this weekend...I was born and raised there! Unfortunately, now I'm stuck in the Midwest for my husband's work. :( And yes, I feel like everyone in the world is pregnant with their 2nd right now. The pressure is on for moms who blog! ;)

  4. HA!! Seriously...everyone around me is preggers! All of my local friends are pregnant and then its just blowing up in the blogosphere! We're still a little ways out though...same boat as you apparently! ;)

  5. haha I am waiting for Ethan's sibling as well!! <3


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