Wedding Crasher

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Yesterday I mentioned that we attended a wedding last weekend. Now that I think about it, this was the first wedding B had been to. She did really well until I busted out a book with fish and balloons inside and she was in the back pew saying "ISH! ISH ISH!" "BOON BOON!" Oy. And out she went!

 My secret weapon was my iphone in which she watched all her videos on Instagram. Genius. I will definitely be using this again when we go on our first plane trip later this month. Luckily the flight is only an hour. :)

Dinner was SO tasty. It's hard to beat Mexican food and this place knew how to do it right! B had her fair share of beans, pork, cilantro, and tortilla!

waiting patiently for her food to arrive

ipad in action dress from Target 2012
Blair was SO cute with her second cousins, Landon and Michael. They found a ramp outside and proceeded to run up and down, up and down. I thought B's legs were going to get away from her since the ramp allowed her to pick up so much speed but she had a great time and stayed fairly in control! She would run into Michael's arms since he's a bit older and kiss him! I was cracking up. Seems like she will enjoy having siblings one day!


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