No Nap Ninja

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Yesterday we had the biggest Pinterest fail of all times for Blair's 18 month pictures. She was SO grouchy that we had to schedule a re-do. I'm sure we captured a few good shots but the girl refused to smile and cried most of the way through the tea party I so naively thought she would love. I was that mom who was forcing her kid to "have fun" so I could get a good picture. Proud Mom moment # 4,937. I for sure lost that battle. 


I've also been losing the battle of the nap lately. The girl refuses to sleep more than an hour at a time lately and that is not enough for an entire day! Hence, the big grouchy attitude we encountered. I'm going to try and be more consistent with her naps. I've been trying a new thing everyday and not giving it time to marinate. So with that said I'll be putting that girl down everyday at noon after lunch and slowly pushing her back to a one o'clock nap. That may mean she needs to go to bed a little later which is fine but I've got to re-kindle her love of the 2-3 hour nap! I'm desperate! Any advice is always welcome...

somethin's cookin' in the kitchen!

Britney Spears called...she wants her snake back.
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  1. Our girls are around the same age. Mine sleeps 8 pm to 7/8 am and naps 12ish to 2ish. Lunch at 11:30 which fills up her belly for a good nap. Sometimes she doesn't want to go down so I let her cry and she falls asleep :)

    1. B sleeps 7-7 and today i fed her at 11:30 and put her down at noon but she only slept and hour and then woke up with a dirty diaper. :( i wonder if I should wait till she poops before I lay her down? stay at home mom problems...

  2. My thoughts on napping...

    Annie still takes two naps if I get her up early (i.e. if she sleeps from 8-7) I'll put her down for "morning rest" at 9 or 9:30. She gets a few books and will either play/babble/roll around for an hour or fall asleep. I get an hour alone with Charlie and she learns to entertain win! Then she goes down for a nap between 2-3.

    If she sleeps in (i.e. if she sleeps from 8-9:30ish...don't hate me;)then she just goes down for her afternoon rest between 2-3.

    My biggest piece of advice though...NEVER, NEVER, NEVER give up on the afternoon nap. Charlie still naps each afternoon for at least 2 hours (she'll be 3 on Monday) and I fully intend for her to have a rest/quiet time pretty much forever.

    She went through phases of not sleeping in the afternoon but I was consistent and she went back to napping. Keep at it girl!

    PS...did you know we'll be in Riverside October 23-27? Just a heads up because we'll be inviting ourselves over :)


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