Relaxing Weekend

Monday, September 23, 2013

It's officially fall! And last night at church we were outside and I actually had goosebumps! Woo hoo! My wallet will be so happy now that we aren't running our AC 24 hours a day. Most weekends we pack in a million things but this weekend we really just hung around the house getting little things done on our my honey do list. I was able to start making more garland and even had time to read through the September catalog from Land of Nod (swooning!). On Sunday I was even Mom of the Year and made a pancake breakfast. Never mind that all I had to do was add water. It still counts!

M whipped up a sweet little caramel apple dessert for us Friday night

then i ran 5 miles saturday to make up for that dessert. kidding. i'm training for another half!

BEST idea of the weekend. kiddie pool inside with no water. easily an hour of entertainment here!
 And the snazzy little breakfast I was telling you about... It was so relaxing (and fun!) eating breakfast outside.

Bella is never far when B is eating

too lazy to crop...there's me in my pjs (and a sweatshirt! yay!)
To finish our festive weekend off I made banana muffins and ate way too many. What? I'm putting my winter coat on. It's allowed. Oh and PS I may or may not have stayed in my pjs all day until I got dressed at 4 pm for church. Not sorry.


  1. Awesome weekend! Relaxing ones are my favorite :)

  2. That sounds like our weekend...we did a whole lotta nothing!!

  3. Love a lazy weekend. It poured rain here in the Bay Area and I was not complaining!

  4. I love eating breakfast, or any meal, outside! We stay in our pajamas until late too, sometimes all day if we've got nothing going on. No shame in that!

  5. Adding water to pre-made pancake batter and mixing still totally counts as homemade! At least it does in our house. :) And I'm loving your pj shorts! I need to invest in some cute jammies like that so I don't have to always crop myself out of pics with my daughter! Haha.

  6. I spent the entire Sunday in my pajamas, no shame. Your daughter is just the cutest! You have a beautiful family =)



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