Blair's Fall Loot

Friday, September 20, 2013

Gap, gap, gap...why do you taunt my inbox with 35% off codes? I cannot resist you and your seemingly good deals. (Plus I had a gift card I found in my!) Even though my child looks like this some days...
accessories...check. clothing...optional. (shoes)
Other days she looks like this...

I guess I should thank you, Gap, for having a fall sale. Because B is going to look pretty cute in these items...

Unfortunately (or fortunately?) M and I have decided to really implement a budget. Less talk and more action. Lucky for me this last haul squeaked in before the big budget came. With me not working anymore it's time we get serious about being responsible with our money. Pray for me!!!! If you know me you know how difficult this is going to be...

And on that note have a frugal fun weekend!


  1. We have to stop the crazy spending over here too since I'm not working. So easy to say, not as easy to do. Especially with all the emails I get everyday with sales at every store! I just did a big shop for Noah and myself, so I'm gonna try to be super good the rest of the month and October... Wish me luck too!

  2. great picks! We have the green jacket and gold polka dot leggings from Old Navy. I foresee lots of use for both :)

  3. I am loving Blair's fall loot! Unfortunately, we got serious about our grown up budget last month, so this 35% off sale is slowly killing my soul. I have basically been 'window' shopping their website/torturing myself. Ugh! Can we live vicariously through you guys?

  4. Agh I hate that B word!! Why can't money grow on trees?!

  5. So many cute cute things!! That 35% off is taunting me too!!!

  6. I'm the same way with those codes, I really should unsubscribe to their emails, they're so hard to resist!


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