Toddler Tuesday

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I think the 911 dispatcher in our area is convinced I'm a crazy lady. Mostly because I called 911 on Friday TWICE. And within two hours of each other. Early Friday morning I was on the phone with my Mom while she was walking her dogs when she started screaming and saying a pit bull was running towards her. Next thing I hear is her telling me where she is and the dogs barking/fighting in the background. I hung up, called 911 (crying, of course) and told the lady what had happened so they sent out an officer. By the grace of God my Mom and the dogs were not hurt/bitten. The pit bull came at them and nipped at them but then retreated into his yard. When the Humane Society showed up to take the dog away he ferociously attacked them and the police officer drew his gun just in case. I thought that was enough excitement for one day but then...

...Blair decided to fall on her face into our brick hearth on the fireplace. Blood EVERYWHERE. I was home alone with her of course and didn't know what to do. There was so much blood I thought if I put her in her car seat she would choke on it. I tried to stop the bleeding with a paper towel but she refused to hold still so I called 911. Again. Yup, I looked like a 911 addict. When they showed up the bleeding had subsided (so I really looked wacko) but they checked her out anyway. I apologized a million times for making them come out (not sorry the firemen had to come out!) and they assured me it was ok. I now have the "small emergency" phone number so the whole shebang doesn't have to haul over to my house next time I have a "first time mom" moment.  Pretty sure they have my address flagged now...

However God is good and Blair is A-OK. There's a first time for everything I guess and now I know oral wounds bleed like hell and that's normal. Live and learn.

We managed to still have a ton of fun that night line dancing with some friends from church. And I must say I kinda deserved to have a drink after that crazy day.

yes! this happened and it was AWESOME thanks to our friends, the Solorio's!

Saturday we went to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach with my brother and his wife. It was really fun but I'll be posting more about that later. On Saturday we enjoyed a relaxing Father's Day at home. We ate brunch at my parents house and then went to church that evening. Matt's Dupree BFF was in town from Canada so he stayed the night and hung out with us that evening. That pretty much put the frosting on the cake for Matt's Father's Day celebration!

little hampster (top: similar)

hanging at gramma's with Dada on Father's Day

nothing like water and shades on a hot day! (and that darn blankie)
In other news B is totally walking now! She's still a bit unstable but she's officially walking more than she is crawling now....woohoo! Gotta get that vid posted!


  1. Glad to hear the baby and your mama are okay!!

  2. I was waiting for the update, I saw the IG... poor baby. Glad she isn't hurt too bad. I'm so worried about our fire place and go back and forth with whether or not we should get a thing to baby proof it. Can't wait to see the video of her walking!

  3. OH man! I am so petrified of when E has his first bad bad spill like that. Eek! And YAY for walking!!!


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