Eye shadow organization

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I know I'm way behind on this Pinterest idea but I finally got around to magnetizing my eye shadows for easy storage in my medicine cabinet. I ran out of magnets so I couldn't get to all my shadows but so far I'm loving the results! It's not that it is super pretty (no one sees it except for nosy guests) but it is super convenient! No more digging through all my make up to find the right shade. Plus I find that this way I actually wear all of my shadows...not just the ones on top of the pile.

i got sticky magnets at michaels. circles are better than strips as they fit the backs of the shadows better

no joke some of these shadows i swear i had in college. gross? probably.

oh and there is my other pinterest make up win...a brush holder!
Also, how much do you love the baby decor in the background? How else does a Mama get ready in the am!?


  1. This is great! I just had a make-up restock as like you, I was wearing some for YEARS! Eventually I started to get a rash from my blush and realised that it probably shouldn't be used five years on! Love this idea.

  2. Great way to utilize space and keep the counter tops clear!

    I have probably had many of my shadows for 5+ years. I know it's terrible, but I just don't use them much, so they look brand new.

  3. Super cool, I might copy you on this one.


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