Toddler Tuesday

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Today Blair is 15 months. It's hard to believe that in three short months she will be a year and a half! Here is what she is up to lately

1." Dat": Everything this girl can point at she wants to know what it's called. "Dat" is a word she never grows tired of saying!
lunch at mama's favorite spot: chic fil a!

2. walking (kind of): I say kind of because it's more of a three-four step stumble followed by a plop on her bum. I dangle everything I can think of in front of her to entice her but she will only do it on her terms.

3. sleep: sometimes she wakes around 5:30. I've started turning her monitor off and going back to sleep till I wake up in a startle around 7. Most of the time she's just happy playing in her bed. I figure if she's really upset I'll hear her. M is not fond of this habit... I however love it. ;) Typically though she goes to bed at 7 and wakes about 6:30.
she loves pretending to sleep then gets up when i say "just kidding"

4. cloth diapers: I'm about done with these guys. While I absolutely loved them from 3-15 months lately she is peeing through them ALL the time. She'll have the darn thing on for an hour and have a wet bum after my morning run. The worst is when I go in to get her up from her nap and she's soaked the sheets. You know how fun it is to change sheets in the crib. (not). I don't want to double stuff them because then she really won't be fitting into her pants so I'm not sure what my other options are...thoughts?

waiting for dad to come in from body surfing



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  2. Awe!! It goes by way to fast! I can't believe my little one is 6 Months. I have been obsessed with the beautiful mess app!

  3. Time is flying!! Love that she says "dat" all the time! So cute!

  4. My kids both said "dat" and then it quickly turned into "waassat" I miss the baby talk!

  5. I have a sixteen month old and recently started having issues with the cloth diapers leaking as well. I am just about ready to do a diaper change midrun. Have you tried hemp inserts for naps? They work really well and hold alot.

  6. I was going to say the same thing as Anon above, hemp inserts are really thin, but hold a lot more than microfiber. I was using them for overnights before we stopped CDing and was going to use them again this round, but looks like A just doesn't agree with them :(

  7. HempBabies hemp flats pad-folded and stuffed into a pocket diaper. No more bulky than a microfiber insert, but way more absorbent. And they dry faster. They take 7-10 washes to be fully absorbent though, FYI.

  8. I agree with everyone on using hemp. You buy doublets to add to your microfiber. They are super thin but hold a ton! I recommend baby kicks!


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