Toddler Tuesday

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Yesterday was a day for the books. B has had a little cough at night time but when she woke up it sounded wet. That usually send me into panic mode because the last two times that has happened it was bronchitis and pneumonia. So I buzzed her down to her doctor to find out she has a double ear infection. :( Usually happens when she gets congested. He thought it may be due to her mad teething going on but prescribed some meds just in case. I'm so over teething.

snoozed in the stroller while waiting for our prescription (don't judge the gross blankie).
In other news B is taking about 10 steps at a time! We love cheering for her and she thinks she is pretty special. :) Guess I need to get the video camera go pro helmet device out! How funny would it be to watch it from her perspective? Honey, I have a new project for you to work on...

I would be remiss if I didn't mention B's obsession with her "blankie" (which is really a glorified sleep sack that she has latched onto). I may just become "that" mom who let's her kid bring it with her everywhere. I mean she LOVES it so why wouldn't I want a quiet trip through the grocery store? On the other hand I could nip that habit in the bud now... Tough call.

grocery shopping with her blankie at home

Lately B has been trying to squeeze her buns into everything. It's kinda like when I bust out my "skinny" jeans. Har har. Like mother like daughter. Last week she successfully squeezed into her toy box while grampa was watching her and this week she managed to get into my basket of stamps as well as the above pictured grocery cart! I say do it while you can B...

Guess what we are doing this Thursday! Going to DISNEYLAND! Our sweet friends somehow got free tickets and invited us! How loved do we feel? This will be B's first time seeing the mice and you better believe that girl is going to have matching Minnie ears like her Mama...

don't was halloween! of course I had to paint my face! M just rolls his eyes... one day the hubby will have a matching pair. One big mousy family!
PS check me out over here today sharing some Father's Day gift ideas! Thanks Vincent!


  1. Poor baby girl! I hate that they can't tell us when something is bothering them. Glad your pediatrician could see you so quickly and give you medicine!

    I would let her keep the blankie if it makes for peaceful shopping trips! Have you heard of that thing parents do where they have 2-3 of the same exact lovie and they switch them out / wash them consistently so they are all equally worn in? It's brilliant! This way you can keep them clean and have backups if one ever goes missing. O doesn't have a lovie, but I would so be doing this if he did.

    Have fun in Disneyland and please do a recap with pointers! We're taking Owen in September for 5 days!

  2. Ahhhh have fun at Disneyland! Can't wait to take Ethan there for the first time! And teething majorly sucks...sorry B!

  3. Totally random story but I will never forget in 5th grade we had a librarian who had a small 1 x 1 square of this baby blanket in his wallet. Every year on his birthday his parents would cut it down and make it just a little smaller. Eventually the little swatch was all he had left! But he still had it! I thought that was so sweet :)


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