Father's Day Gift Ideas

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Yay for dads! Especially when they get home from work early and take the babe off our hands! ;) I put together a list of items my hubby would love and hopefully yours too! Not sure what our Father's Day plans are yet. Probably a good old fashioned BBQ, some pool action, and the game of corn hole in the back yard!

1. sunglasses
2. hammock
3. go pro reach pole
4. bottle opener
5. paddle board
6. go pro helmet strap
7. water bottle
8. board shorts
9. crazy tech watch

Here is why I think the above items are awesome:
{sunglasses} they are polarized AND attractive
{hammock} if you have two trees what gift is better than that of relaxing?
{pole} perfect for filming babies while on bike rides :)
{bottle opener} more for me than M since he is allergic to beer as of late :(
{paddle board} while we already have one this one is infinitely better
{helmet strap} for filming intense air softing games PS they have a chest strap too! if you don't know what air soft is consider it a blessing
{water bottle} go green so you don't have to waste bottles! plus M lost his.
{board shorts} i'm secretly into trying to get M to wear aztec. prob not gonna happen.
{watch} so awesome! it does super detailed calcs for running, biking, AND swimming! which is what he does daily. sorry, boo, but unless we win the lottery the watch is on the back burner. 
 Books would have been a good idea too but I already made the collage so meh.

Oh and hubby if you're reading this don't get too excited. I for sure did not buy you a paddle board for over $1000. Other items may or may not have been purchased. ;)


  1. Love Aztec print!! My hubby won't do it either!


  2. Love the short board shorts...so hot right now!

  3. Hi Natalie.
    I write a blog called Vincent's Fashion Tip Of The Day and was looking for the female perspective on gift ideas for dad this father's day. After searching and reading many blogs, I chose yours as my favorite so I have included you on my blog
    Hope you get some traffic out of it.
    Thanks Natalie



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