Toddler Tuesday

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

B is on a roll lately! She is crawling like a maniac and pulling to stand on EVERYTHING! My legs, the dog, and the porcelain throne (I try to deter her from the last one). Her latest infatuation is her sound machine. Right when she gets up from her nap she wriggles to get down to play with it. See below...

We also tried blueberry pancakes for the first time and she loved them! Um apparently so does Bella...
She also tried some mushroom risotto that matt made for me as a late anniversary gift. It was so delicious!Don't worry, she steered clear of the shell fish. :)
We couldn't have put the tip restraints on our light weight furniture in a more timely manner. B is all over it!We had to relocate all of our wine as well. Child proofing at its finest!
Don't worry Blair you don't have anyone's shoes to fill. :)
Still standing for longer and longer amounts of time unassisted. Using sign language for dog, more, and please (on her own terms). And last but not least saying MAMA!!! For real this time! I find it hard to believe that I will ever not enjoy hearing these words. As of now it's music to my ears! I'll have to get a video of this ASAP.


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  1. Cute! My son is pulling himself up on furniture all the time too-I will have to look into those tip restraints. I've never seen them before but GENIUS!


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