Rotten Eggs

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

This post definitely comes late but better late than never?! I definitely need to get on my A game next year for my Easter egg dying plan. Let's just say I've decided this years decorated eggs were a Pinterest Fail. First of all I got way too ahead of myself with all the different ideas I wanted to try. Second of all I didn't read the directions for any of the new ideas. Two wrongs don't make a right...

i was supposed to use electrical tape. apparently there was none in the garage and duct tape wouldn't stick. proabably because my eggs were sweating since i didn't allow time for them to get to room temp. this was the next best thing.
meh. marginal. thanks to my brother and his gf for helping out though!
round two...paint and glitter. takes way. too. stinking. long. not even worth it.

cute, yes. time effective? no.
this was such a mess. i was eating (and pooping) glitter for days. tmi?
and finally, polka dots. m used white glue and then dyed his egg. i painted mine.
at least bath time was a success! this is the only mohawk B will ever have if i have anything to do with it!
Tomorrow I am posting Blair's party decor for sale on my blog. If no one takes the bait then I'll be posting it on Etsy.

wall dots, table dots, banners, balloon weights, paper products will all be for sale!


  1. aww they still look cute though! I didn't do eggs this year, definitely next year though since A will be old enough to sorta play along!

    And I meant to comment about your decor before, it might not be bad to hold on to! I'm planning on reusing the pennant banner I had for baby shower for her bday this year, and I'm going to keep some of the other items I already made or bought. Either for future birthdays or other holidays. My colors will definitely work for spring/easter decor. Your glitter dots would be so cute for Valentines, just add some red or purple! However, I'm a big recycler bc I'm too cheap and lazy to decorate with all new stuff year after year, I don't know how some of the bloggers do it!

  2. Nat how much are your big dots for the wall?
    My gal has the same colors so far.......

  3. I'm impressed you did the fact that you got so creative is a bonus in my book! Can't wait to see the party decor!

    1. Oops, Mom Brain! I meant, I hope you are able to sell it. It's all so cute. I'd buy it if we had a girl! ;)

  4. I'm interested in buying some for my baby girl who is also a Blaire (spelling is different!). She just turned 6 months today and I'm already planning for her first birthday!

  5. Love your dyed eggs!! It's always so much fun. I'll have to remember that rubber band trick for next year! And what a cute party. Looking forward to seeing more.


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