Toddler Tuesday

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Yesterday I was looking at Blair's invite to her birthday on the fridge and she has already changed so much since then! Although I'm glad the stress of taking her monthly photos is over part of me has anxiety that I'm going to regret not doing it till she's two. I may have to document her next year by month as well... but make it easier on myself (aka let her sit up instead of lying down). We'll see. She turns 13 months on Thursday!

bubbles in music class!

it's raining bubbles!

I don't think having good hair is as much of a milestone as it is a blessing but this girl's got it. She used to get stopped for her "eyes and thighs" now its her eyes and hair that stops people in their tracks! She does have a lot of hair for her age and it's super curly in the back which is pretty cute. My gramma asked if I curled it. Uh no. I'm pretty sure using a curling iron on a baby is a no-no.

Lately the way  we have been getting B to smile for the camera is by turning our backs to her and then whirling around saying "boo!" It used to be that cheering for her did the trick but she's decided that is no longer funny. I wonder what we will have to do next to get a good shot?! Here are our hiking pictures from last Friday...

precious bean!

who is this toddler? where is my baby?!

oh, there's my baby ;)

B and Dada leading the way! PS see how pretty Riverside is? ;)

This week is spring break for our school district so I'm going to lunch almost every day with a "teacher friend." Looking forward to it! Yesterday my friend Jenn came up from SD for a meeting and then we ate lunch together. B loves her "Auntie" Jenn. :)

mama has skills in making B smile ;)
Oh and before I forget this little gem...

i always love a good before and after shot!
So much change in one year! And with that, nap time is over so I'm done with this post. ;)


  1. That hair and those eyes is right!! So cute!! We need to get a hiking you like that one?!

  2. She's such a sweetie! My daughter has really curly hair and tons of it! Super cute. It all goes by really fast. We celebrated her 2nd birthday in February and she'll have a baby brother this July! :)

  3. Lol! Silly Monga. Donovan asked our neighbor is their son had a perm. Lol! I think he regretted it as soon as it came out of his mouth.

  4. Nat-
    Love your blog so much!
    Can we just discuss how much your husband looks like the new cutie in the salad dressing commercial!


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