Toddler Tuesday

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

B had some pretty awesome "firsts" last week. She ate her first pebble of dog food. Stuck her hand in the toilet and splashed around for the first time. And stood up unassisted from a sitting position! I can say that I'm least proud of my parenting skills regarding the first two, but pretty stoked on the third feat (which I had nothing to do with.) Live and learn, right? Bella now gets fed outside and we're much more proactive in shutting the toilet (um, and flushing it...).

Friday we ventured out with some other mama's and babes to a local lunch spot to celebrate one year of being mamas. It was really fun to see how far we had all come in one year with our kiddos.

Benjamin, Andelyn, and Blair

headband: target, shirt: gap, shorts: gap, sandals: kmart

I hosted a CAbi party on Saturday that was lots of fun. B got to spend a lot of time with family and especially liked reading with her Auntie. We also hung out with some friends from church. We played the game of "things" and jacuzzied and then had a sleep over! It was actually so fun and reminded me of college and having roommates. We stayed up late playing games and completed the weekend with a pancake breakfast. I can't wait to do it again!

me and my monkey

BFF's and their babes. :)
Sunday we recovered from our lack of sleep with a long nap (thanks Blair!) and then followed it up with church in the evening. The service was one of my all times faves on serving others (mostly your spouse) the same way Christ did. Oy, I have lots to work on! The Lord is constantly refining me but I love how it helps me grow in my relationship with Him.

B was pretty pooped from our weekend festivities as well...
blankie made by my bff diana

She has also been crawling with her bum in the air like a stinkbug which I think means she's getting a little closer to walking! She's been LOVING crawling up stairs lately which means baby gate #2 needs to be installed at the bottom of the stairs. Awesome. Can't wait.

PS check us out at the "party" we attended for Ashlynn (B's virtual buddy) here


  1. Alright lady, I need a tutorial for that cute bun!

    1. good idea! i'll get on that stat! in the meantime pinterest has some great tutorials that will surely put mine to shame. just type in "sock bun" :)

  2. Yes love the bun! Where is your headband from??

  3. Oh no, the toilet!!! Poor B! (Had me cracking up!)

  4. Gee, I'm sorry to say but I'm glad to hear the getting into yucky things isn't just a boy thing. Owen always has to stick his little hands (and sometimes his FACE wtf) into gross stuff. My mom always says its "because he's a boy".

    Her top from your lunch date is so pretty. Wish they sold it in my size!


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