Spring flings

Monday, April 8, 2013

This weekend we had a lot of fun. Saturday we attended a "very hungry caterpillar" themed birthday party. Which just so happens to be one of Blair's favorite books so she dug it. :)

Saturday night we went to a friends house for a birthday party and actually took Blair even though the party started at her bedtime. We brought the pack n play and she hung out with her baby friends for a while and then we put her to bed in their guest room. She went right to sleep and when we got her up at midnight to go home she went right to bed! I'm seeing a busier social life in our future if this continues to go well and a lot less sleep for me. Meh.

Blair's friend Charlotte is not shy when it comes to delivering kisses! B wasn't too sure but it was SO cute seeing char pucker up! She is two months younger than B.

Sunday we just hung around the house and played and got some chores done. B visited with her Lala and went to church later that night. B decided to get her sequined head band out of her dress up box and rock it. I can't wait till she refuses to wear anything but dress up clothes to the grocery store. Whenever I see those kids I crack up. :)

B also spent some time with her friend Grace at the park before M and I tried our luck at fondue with some friends. All in all a very fun weekend!



  1. Love that sequin headband! Fabulous!

  2. Blair looks like she is backed up against a wall in the kissing pic! Hilarious!!


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