Thursday, December 22, 2011

Well let's see. Today's post is a mish mash of all the craziness going on in my life! First of all the house we were looking at from this post had an offer an hour before we put an offer down. Boo. So then we revisited a house that I was smitten on in the beginning (M was unsure of the small yard) and we are now waiting to hear back from the seller's realtor. We realized there is so much that we love about this place that the yard size is forgivable. The waiting is killing me! I'm totally gaga over this house but trying hard not to get my hopes up. Here she is:


we own red Adirondacks too so we can keep this look if we want but i'm thinking white or black would be pretty?
secret garden
love the gravel with's different! 

I could show you the inside but I'm going to wait until things are more set in stone. If this house ends up working out I will have blogging material for days! I can only imagine all the "befores" and "afters." Fun!

The next part of my blog mish mash is from my doctor's appointment yesterday. Baby Blair is healthy and happy! I'm measuring right on target but I just about died when I saw my weight gain. 13 pounds! I'm officially 2 pounds away from my "pre-weight watcher" weight (a whole other story that I should post someday). Yikes! I only wanted to gain 25 pounds total but I'm thinking that may be unrealistic. That means I'm allowed to gain 12 more pounds from now until delivery. Is that too much to ask? Sigh. 

Moving on...I think I am officially done Christmas shopping! Yippee! Every year I get M and myself a Christmas ornament to put on our tree. This year I chose one called "The Nest" by Hallmark. It has three eggs in the for me and hubby and one for Blair! Perfect!

this picture does not do it justice! it's precious.
Today I am meeting with a friend in the morning to go for a walk to Starbucks and catch up on life. I can't wait to relax and "nest" mentally. Every potential home we look at I "move-in" in my mind. It's dangerous because then I get hooked on a house that I may never own but I can't help it. I love daydreaming about decorating! Dear Santa, please bring me a house for Christmas. Love, Natalie ;)


  1. That secret garden is awesome!! Fingers crossed!

  2. The new house looks awesome! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!! :)

  3. Pretty home, house hunting is so much fun! Fingers crossed for you that you all get the one you want :)


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