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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Blair had a very merry Christmas even though she doesn't realize it yet! She got the most precious outfits/shoes/etc. that I have to share with you. She also got some precious ornaments and an adorable cookie plate for Santa that I will have to share with you later since I forgot to take pictures of those yesterday. Oops.

Strangely enough my mom was right when she said, "once you have kids it is not going to be about you anymore." And man, it is all about Blair! Here are the clothes to prove it...

scalloped edges and gold buttons..presh

ruffle bum

thanks grandma pope!

chambray for bebe

thanks grandma bushman

I just so happen to own a Juicy robe as well. Twins!

tell me this isn't adorable! thanks page and ryan!

Oh man, I just can't wait to put a real live baby into all of these things! She'll be here sooner than I know it. :)


  1. Soooo many cute things! Love the little ruffle bottom! :)

  2. The outfits are adorable! I hope someday I'll have a little GIRL to dress. Can't wait to see photos of her.

  3. I think you already have more clothes than she will be able to wear. ;) You are going to be changing her multiple times a day just to fit it all in! Haha

  4. Your blog is precious and so are all of those baby clothes! That little robe is too cute!!


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