Christmas Vaca Starts NOW!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Today is my last day of work for two weeks! I am a happy happy teacher! Hasta la vista, kiddies! :) I really wanted to get some good pictures yesterday afternoon but with my lack of planning and lack of sunlight I failed. So I had to resort to showing off some of my favorite things I had laying around the house. AKA Blair's stocking that I picked up and some precious little outfits that came in the mail! I also chose some of my favorite ornaments hanging on our tree. I love giving and getting Hallmark ornaments every year. It's a tradition that for me to get Matt and ornament and I've been doing it since we started dating in middle school. :)

baby girl's sweet stocking. it used to have our cat's name on it but she's more important :)  

no explanation needed to as why i heart this one
go mustangs! i personalized this one myself. :)
i'm a sucker for photo ornaments. this one has a personalized message too!

gray and yellow?! and a chic print?! sold! M says it looks like a kimono with a bib...

i can't wait to put this on her in the summa time! again M says it looks like a watermelon. he kills me.

Funny story about the stocking... so when I dropped it off to have the name changed the lady behind the counter says, "Old boyfriend?" I was like, "uh, no... just having a baby." Definitely falls under the "awkward" category for the week! 

Tonight M and I are staying at the Mission Inn compliments of his work for their annual Christmas party. I'm looking forward to good food and a lux hotel. Then tomorrow I have a pre-natal massage awaiting me that I have been holding out for. Hello Christmas vacation! I have been waiting for you!

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  1. I want two weeks off!! Enjoy your time...and the pre-natal massage! :)


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