CHRISTmas Traditions

Friday, December 23, 2011

I'm so over house hunting already. I have the patience of a two year old. Why do sellers insist on sitting on overpriced homes? Needless to say the home I showed you yesterday fell through because the seller is not willing to budge on price. Sigh. I know God has the perfect home waiting for us but it's hard not to be disappointed when three homes in a row haven't worked out. Patience is a virtue and I do not have it! 

So, it's Christmas (and Matt's birthday as well) and time to be happy and thankful for what I do have (which is a lot!). A sweet baby girl on the way and lots of family to share in our joy. 

On Christmas Eve we go to M's parent's house and participate in a family gift exchange and then go to church that evening with my family. Then on Christmas morning M and I open presents at home and then go over to my parents house to eat breakfast and open gifts. In the afternoon we head over to his parents house to do the same and then have dinner with his dad's extended family. Then we hang out with my mom's extended family and do a gift exchange there as well. It is two days of craziness but family is important to us so we make it work. I imagine when our family gets larger the amount of things that we schedule will dwindle. And when we get a bigger house everyone can come to us! Now that's what I'm talking about! :) Here are a few pictures of last year's Christmas shenanigans.  

M's gifts
my gifts
our gift (until Baby B comes!)
brother 1
brother 2
sister (ps I can still get this bad boy buttoned) :)

demolition at my parents
love Christmas in PJ's!

It's so funny how God works. While I was writing this post the mailman came by and I opened some Christmas cards. My Uncle's card said this, "It's always good to remember what you have versus what you don't. The Lord provides in His own time, not ours." A very good and timely reminder from the Lord. I love that He had me read that card right when I was about to throw another pity party. :) God is good.

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  1. Sounds like our Christmas...busy bustling back and forth but it's good to take advantage of the flexibility now!! Have a Merry Christmas Nat! :)


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