Week 26 and 27

Friday, June 10, 2016

Guys, I had such a sweet surprise at my anatomy scan this week...Baby boy's cysts are all gone! This was the first anatomy scan M was able to attend and it was so sweet to be able to celebrate with him there. I went into the appointment thinking that his cysts would still be there and oddly enough I was ok with it.
I can honestly say I have had so much peace throughout this pregnancy. I've been able to force my self to look back and see God's faithfulness which helps the worry to melt away. Here are some of my reminders of his sovereignty that I always run to:

-Our new insurance covered part of our IVF
-He gave us the EXACT amount of babies we were praying for; no more, no less
-He sustained those 2 embryos over the five day waiting period even when our doctors said their chances were slim
-I was able to get the doctor I wanted even though he isn't taking any new patients
-He knew our deep desire to have a boy and a girl and allowed that to happen (in such a fun way!)
-I have had a pretty uncomplicated pregnancy...such a blessing!
-Friends and family have been super helpful and accommodating
-Baby boy's cysts are gone!

I just love reading that list over and over. It brings me so much comfort to see how God has sustained us throughout this whole journey. We don't deserve any of it but he has still poured out his grace and mercy upon us. He's such a good Father!

If I had to have a complaint it's that my back is KILLING me from 4pm till I go to bed. The only thing that brings relief is laying down on my side and having M massage me. I would say, "Hurry up and come out babies" but then I have a whole new set of problems. ;) Anyway I'll gladly take the back pain in exchange for these two sweet babies cooking. They are beyond worth it!


  1. You look amazing, mama! Can't wait to see those two adorable babies!

  2. You're doing great momma! God is SO GOOD!


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