Classic Dianne

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Yesterday while scrolling through instagram I discovered a company called Classic Dianne. They sell shirt extenders to make your blouses longer. They are crazy cute and I want them all! I push so many of my shirts to the back of my closet because they don't hit me at the right spot. I always think, "Ugh. If this was a little longer it would be so much more flattering."

Enter giant huge prego belly. Nothing is long enough! And while I don't have a shirt extender (yet) they gave me the genius idea to use a slip dress I have to extend my currently blouses. See?

This was me before I ran out the door to take Blair to Vacation Bible School. While I was there a friend asked me how I'm surviving the heat in my jeans. I was like, "Well, my maternity shorts are in the wash and apparently it's not appropriate to wear Matt's boxers to church." Ha ha. If you happen to stop by my house unannounced you're in for a treat. Or a really long wait outside while I frantically get dressed. ;)

These are my favorite blouse extenders from Classic Dianne...
White asymmetrical
Crochet extender
Lace extender


  1. Yes!!! Genius isn't it?!? That slip dress looks great too though!

  2. How darling is this :) LOVE IT Chelsea @


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