28 Weeks

Friday, June 17, 2016

Hello third trimester! 

I can't believe I've made it this far! Yesterday we had a 4D ultrasound and even though baby boy was hiding behind his placenta we got to see baby girl's sweet face. She was chewing, sucking, and yawning... Quite the busy girl! There is no more room in this belly of mine that's for sure. The twins are so squished together whenever I see them in there. It looks so uncomfortable! I can't imagine them hanging around in there for more than a month but we will see.

As for me I'm feeling LARGE but good. My back pain is annoying but I realize it's temporary and obviously worth it! I lay down often throughout my day to relieve the pain and M has been great about rubbing my back.

This weekend we are headed to Marina Del Rey to have a mini vacation and B is hanging with Matt's parents. It is expected to be crazy hot here next week (the low for the week is 98!) so I'm looking forward to some pool time by the beach!

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  1. Happy to hear everything is looking good if a little squished! Enjoy your mini vacation and pool time.


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