Preschool Graduation

Monday, June 6, 2016

Last Friday Blair graduated from her first year of preschool. They sang a couple songs that weren't sad at all (but why were my eyes tearing up?!) and we received some darling memory books that I want to look at over and over. My favorite picture is the one where I attended her Christmas performance in a wheel chair because I was still on IVF bed rest! Who knew those little babes were growing inside at that moment!?

I can't believe what a big girl she is. From here on out our summer is dedicated to swimming in the backyard, eating popsicles, and hanging out until our worlds get rocked by the twins. :) 

We love Mrs. A!

And Mrs. F!

Grampa even got to attend the festivities!

And because it was national donut day to boot we had to celebrate...

Her first year of preschool flew by and while we both enjoyed it :), I am looking forward to lazy mornings with her at home. Not having to rush out the door to school and instead staying in our jammies (or swim suits) all day sounds like fun to me!

Blair's dress is Old Navy but I found it at a consignment shop for $4. :)

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