Soul Sunday Apparel

Monday, January 11, 2016

I spent the whole weekend wishing it was Monday morning already. I'm sure no one else has ever wished that but me! Most of you know that we have our ultrasound this morning so please pray for that!

We had a low key weekend and M painted Blair's Kid Kraft fridge white (we bought it at a garage sale pink). It turned out pretty good but still has a pinkish hue. We're thinking about adding a coat of real paint instead of the four coats of spray paint we did. :)

 Either way it definitely looks better than it did cotton candy pink!

On Sunday we decided to grab a sandwich for lunch at one of my favorite sandwich shops, Marisa's. Blair and I rocked our Soul Sunday Apparel shirts. They are so cozy (and cute!), perfect for the weekend and mom life in general.

Never mind Blair's princess crown with her "adventurous soul" tee. Hey, princesses need adventure too! Thank you Soul Sunday apparel for our sweet tees!

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