Santa at Irvine Regional Park

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

I still have some Christmas pictures to catch up on and what better time to do that then after Christmas! Insert teeth clenched emoji here. One of Blair's good friends has a December birthday and instead of throwing a party (because there is already too much to do in December) his mama decided to gather a small group of his friends and take them to the Irvine Regional Park to ride the Santa train!

The Christmas lights at the park were seriously magical. There were tons of old oak trees and the lights spiraled up each individual branch nearly to the top of the tree. We truly felt like we were at the North Pole! And trust me...that night the weather was cold enough to fool us to thinking the same thing.

The kids rode the train to see Santa, sat on his lap and took pictures, drank hot coco, jumped in a bounce house, went "ice fishing", decorated sugar cookies, and did a couple other games as well. They had an absolute blast!

The crazy munchkins. They've all been naughty this year. ;)

Yellow and orange...your typical Christmas colors.
This is something I definitely could see us doing every year. Irvine is far enough away for this to be considered a special treat but close enough so that we don't have to stay overnight in a hotel. If you're nearby I highly recommend it!

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