Disney Princess Party

Thursday, January 7, 2016

The time has come. I knew I wouldn't be able to escape it. I couldn't deny her of it anymore.

Blair wants a princess party. 

How how how do you make a Disney princess party chic and classy?! I have scoured Pinterest high and low. No luck. This is uncharted territory folks. True, I could do a generic princess party but it's just not the same. I've decided to compromise and go with a soft color palette but still add Disney princesses to it. I'm thinking about cutting out their silhouettes on rose gold paper with my Cricut since I have Disney princess cartridges. There will be plenty of crowns and wands for all. Shoot, maybe even a jewelry station? Here's my very raw idea board...

I like the idea of tulle pom pom for decor. So girly and cute! I may have to throw some Disney princess balloons by the front door, some cheesy goody bags, and maybe even paper ware (ugh) but mark my words all that "cute" stuff will be far far away from my the dessert table. :) 

With El Nino hitting us this year I'm planning on having the party indoors. Major bummer. Hopefully the weather is good enough that day to set up a bounce house in the back yard and get the knights and princesses outside. 

If you see anything that fits my above mood board send it my way please! Have an enchanted day. ;)


  1. Have you seen this website?

    And this cake?

    Maybe it's something, maybe it's not :)

    PS: I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you in this whole IVF process.

    Greetings from Holland

  2. Looks Good! We've got a vintage ice cream party planned at a 50's diner and my sweet daughter has decided she must have a Paw Patrol cake... haha. Not happening. But we will have a family birthday at home and she can have a subtle paw patrol cake there.

  3. ooh sounds like a lovely party theme! Kid parties aren't the most understated of things. I'm sure Blair will just love her party though!

  4. Yep... There was no way of avoiding the princess party for us this year, either. I tried to stick primarily with her suddenly new favorite colors of pink and purple (what happened to orange?!) and just added a few princess touches. While I was somewhat embarrassed at the lack of DIY that went into this party, Party City did make things MUCH easier on me and made for one happy three year old! Good luck and happy planning!

  5. Oh, also, I included matching tutu's for each of the girls at their place setting. They were their favorite and made for some adorable photo's!

  6. This is so adorable and looks very chic! Can't wait to see how it turns out!

  7. The color scheme is seriously the best! I can't wait to see more!!

  8. I remember seeing a princess party where the girls wore long, pink gloves with their tutus... The cheap kind you can find online! All princesses wear pretty gloves, right?!

  9. Love your board! I'm dreading the day Jude wants a power ranger (or whatever it may be) party! And yay for Cricut crafts!

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  11. There will be plenty of crowns and wands for all. Shoot, maybe even a jewelry station? princess party


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