Fertility Friday

Friday, January 15, 2016

I am a woman of extremes. One minute I'm worrying about "vanishing twin syndrome" (don't google it) and the next I'm adding things to a baby registry (already!). My emotions swing high and low (which is why I need someone stable like M) but today they are high and I couldn't help but check out some baby items and start swooning over them! I know it's waaaaay to early for this but when you've been waiting for your babies for two years you can't help but be excited! Here are some things that will definitely be on my registry...

1. Little Unicorn swaddles
2. Bla bla doll
3. Milk Snob nursing cover/car seat cover/shopping cart cover (this thing is SO rad!)
4. Passy Clips: pacifier clips that are leather!
5. Baby Lit: classic books for baby
6. Solly Baby wrap: even though it's only meant for one babe I figure the other one can go in a soft carrier on my back
7. Madly Wish: unique sheets and bedding
8. Flokati Rug: I should have snagged this at  Costco this winter. I can't wait to snuggle and take cozy pictures of the babies on this rug!

These are typically items that can't be found at Babies R Us or Amazon but they are so unique and darling! I just can't wait to find out the gender of these babies!

I'll be seven weeks on Monday and we go in for another ultrasound. The doctor said it wasn't necessary but I can not possibly go two weeks without seeing/hearing their hearts beating. My estrogen and progesterone levels are decreasing but they said that is normal and they are very pleased with my progress so I'm not going to worry (about that anyway). My biggest struggle at this point is having fear that one baby won't make it. Pray for me in this! We decided on a hospital and I got in with the doctor I wanted even though he isn't taking new patients. It pays to have nursing friends! They typically don't see patients until they are nine to thirteen weeks but he wants to see me at 8 weeks. Of course I'm good with that!

This weekend we are headed to a birthday party for one of Blair's friends and not a whole lot else. Probably throw some naps in there. ;) 


  1. You look so amazing! Praying for your anxiety. Going to see my RE today and keeping you in mind when I get down ... There is hope!!

  2. Check Ikea for the fur rugs! I swear I pick one up every time I go and always find a use for it!

  3. OMG, I am so so so sorry if I had anything to do with bringing on the anxiety of vanishing twin syndrome! If it makes you feel any better at all, our second embryo never developed a heart beat. We didn't even see it until the second ultrasound (6w) and the nurse basically told us to prepare for it since the yolk sac was irregular. Your babies two beautiful heartbeats are going to keep beating strong as they grow to full term!!

  4. I am so excited for you! I am just like you and have major anxiety before each of my appointments. (I'm due with my first in June after some fertility issues as well!) Your posts have helped me stay positive and I feel like I've related to you in a lot of ways. I also just created a baby registry with BabyList...so much fun! We should be excited and enjoying this time and not letting the anxiety get in the way of that! Will keep you and those babies in my prayers!

  5. How exciting!! These are great things for those beautiful soon to be babes of yours!!

  6. I'm a worrier too, so I know it is hard to not let your mind wander to the dark side, but try to stay in the now!

  7. If you plan on baby wearing a lot, get a Twin-go! Similar to the Ergo, but obviously for twins. My friend has it and has loved it! Otherwise I loved the Solly for the first month, but then preferred a ring sling. You can easily wear two ring slings as well (on different shoulders) so that is a thought too!


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