There's an oil for that!

Friday, July 10, 2015

We're singing the blues over here. Blair came down with something funky that included a fever, goopy eye, and cough at night. And while I'm no expert in oils I have some friends who are which really helps! Yesterday after a cool lavender-infused bath I rubbed some lemon and peppermint on B's back for her fever and some oregano and thieves on her feet. I have a pretty good collection of doTERRA Oils but am slowly switching over to Young Living because my good friends sell them. I truly like both brands. I added some Breathe to her diffuser for bed time and am crossing my fingers to see how the night goes. Anything has to be better than last night's 432,874 wake up calls. Oy.

The saddest nugget (and tired Mommy).

Pretty sure nothing solves a bug like oils and princesses. ;) "See, Blair, Aurora uses peppermint too!"
Do you use oils for you kiddos? Which ones are your favorites? Sometimes my mommy friends and I even have "oil parties" in which we concoct roller ball vials filled with things like "Bedtime", "Allergies", "Cold", and "Chill Out". Are we the only crazies who enjoy this? Please tell me other wise. ;)


  1. I love love oils! We need to live closer! We can't live without Breathe and Digestzen. I also completely love the Onguard Plus Protective Blend Softgels...amazing! They nip every sickness in the bud! But I really love a lot of other ones too...

  2. We use oils!!! I do young living and am in love!! We have an allergy trio, pink eye mix, ear infection mix, and I make chap stick, sunscreen, bug away, and an itch stick! ..... I use thieves on her feet every night and morning during the school year (she's 2, but I'm a teacher so she goes to preschool) and I now use RC and Breathe away so I she no longer needs her inhaler!
    This past year was her first year in preschool... But before I got my oils for Christmas, she had pink eye 5 times, ear infections twice, an upper respiratory infection, the flu, and RSV!!!--- all within 2 months!!!! Needless to say- the oils go everywhere w me!! ---- the hubs isn't convinced they work, except for orange oil of course ;)

  3. I'm so glad she's feeling better! And you k ow how I feel about them Young Living oils! 😍


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