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Friday, July 31, 2015

Come see if you were a winner of the Autumn Designs and Co. watercolor prints HERE.

I shouldn't have done it but I did. I peeked. And now I can't get these cute clothes out of my head! If I were shopping the Nordstrom sale these items would definitely be in my cart. As of now we're getting the shoes since she's going to be a flower girl again soon and plus she can wear them to preschool.

undies   shoes   shorts   pjs

As I was creating this collage Blair saw the vest and said, "Mom, are you buying that for me?" And I told her maybe someone would get it for her for Christmas and she replied, "That would be a GREAT idea!" This. Girl. Kills Me.  

Sale ends on Monday so get your deals in now!
I wasn't planning on (in)fertility Friday because I didn't think I would have anything new to say but it turns out I do. No, I'm not pregnant.

     I decided last minute that wanted to try injectables this month. It's the last step for me before IVF. I went to the doctor Thursday and had them do an ultrasound. Long story short is that I had some pretty big cysts on my ovaries, thanks to PCOS. The cysts were so big and plentiful that they would not allow me to try injectables this month. The cysts could possibly be housing eggs and using injectables with that would result in Nat and Matt (and Blair) plus 8

     Here's what I learned today... The PCOS is giving me cysts, which makes any other treatment besides IVF not possible (because the doctor's don't want to be responsible for another octomom). With IVF they can control how many fertilized eggs they put inside so I don't result in octomom. 

     I'm actually glad God closed the injectable door so quickly. Less research for me to do. So we are still on the same road to IVF in January. In September I'm going to see if Kaiser will give me a laparoscopy just to see what's going on in there but if they won't then that's that. We decided not to pay out of pocket for that since the solution to anything they could find in there would be IVF. Plus, I'm not thrilled with the idea of that surgery. Probably shouldn't have watched the YouTube videos on that. Ooops. 

This week I've been feeling more at peace. I just know that we have a date in mind for IVF and that I need to be patient for that. I'm still keeping myself in check by reminding myself that IVF may not be the solution to this...it may not work at all. Which would be horrible. But, the benefit would clearly outweigh the negative. And we will never know unless we try. The doctors are optimistic that I would be a good candidate for it since I'm "young" (to their standards) and "healthy" (weird, because I'm not healthy enough to get pregnant on my own.) But hey I'll take their complements! ;)

I'm off to the beach for a couple weeks with B so this is my sparse blog warning. :)

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