The OC Fair

Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Orange County Fair. We came, we ate, and we won. I made sure I ran the morning of our fair excursion to help balance out the fried food I would inevitably eat later. On the top of my list were the fried avocados and fried Klondike bar. Delish! Not only did we eat our way through the fair we also were determined to win a stuffed donut. And although M is a major penny pincher he couldn't resist the ball toss and had to play. Jokes on the fair though because he won TWO prizes! A stuffed donut for me Blair and a unicorn for her friend. :)

All my nursing mamas our there feel your pain mama pig!

Till we meet again next year, fair! I'm sure it will take me that long to work off those gnarly calories.

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