My Feisty Flamingo

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

I've been driving past this flamingo for weeks telling myself I would take a picture of Blair next to it. I finally had the chance to last Friday when we grabbed donuts in the parking lot next door. "Go stand by that flamingo so I can take your picture. Then you can eat that delicious sprinkled donut I bought you." A donut for a picture...seems like a fair trade. :/

Not much going on over here. Just crafting like it's my job for a couple of showers I have coming up in August. We've also been doing lots of fun summer stuff like the library, swimming, little gym, and donuts. :) This weekend we are thinking about hitting up the fair since my bff (soon to be bride!) will be down for the weekend. Summer time and the livin's easy!

*Currently I am listening to my stinker of a toddler cry in bed because "She has to go potty." Mind you, I always take her right before bed. Every night lately it's been some lame excuse to try and get either me or Matt up to her room. I've heard it all... "Moooom I need a tissue." "Moooom I need my hair braided." "Moooom I need oils." Sigh. M falls for it but I'm determined to break this bad habit. Do any of you have this problem? Tips please!


  1. Awesome picture! We are currently going through all the bedtime excuses too. However, if I leave my 3 year old in bed alone she cries histarically at the top of the stairs calling for me. I have made the bad habit of laying with her in her bed until she falls asleep:/ So I'm not much help. Hopefully it's just a phase and we won't be doing this until they are 13!! Lol. -Haley

  2. LOL at this post! Love. It. Also, I am so not looking forward to potty training (hands over face).

  3. You can have a star chart and let her know that when she stays in bed and sleeps she earns a star. Any requests can be made in the morning. K loves to earn stars!

  4. We suffered the nighttime excuses for a long time.... my favorites were," I have a boogie... take it" and "my leg isn't tucked" (as she sticks her leg out from under the blanket). Honestly, we do best at bed when she doesnt nap, which she never wants to do anyway, but sometimes I'll force her, as in make her lay with me when K is down. I dont really think there is a way to make it stop, if you find one let us know, I'm sure this week's easy nights are a fluke!


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