Whole Thirty Thursday

Thursday, January 22, 2015

We are 21 days in and I have to say I'm ready for a donut. All these things I read talk about how you will have boundless energy and will lose weight. I have to say I'm not impressed. My energy level hasn't seemed to increase (but I had a lot of energy before this) and I've lost a whopping 2-3 pounds. Are. You. Joking. Me. I gave up desserts for that?! I know I know this is all in the name of getting healthier for fertility reasons but come on let's be real...I was hoping to shed a few Christmas lbs too.

I do have to say I am LOVING my new weight lifting routine for the gym. I took before pictures, measured, did my body fat % (yikes) and hope to see some results by the end of April when the contest ends just in time for swim suit season! ;)

Here are some of the top contenders as far as meals go this week...

Egg, tomato, spinach, chicken sausage, bell pepper scramble.

What I had to resort to out of sheer laziness and lack of leftovers. Tuna with mustard (it was so dry I was gagging it down), left over brussel sprouts (which I actually love), annnnd two pickles. See? It's a good thing I have Matt!
Chile chicken lime burgers from Trader Joes, sprouts, guac, onion, bell pepper, with a lettuce bun. And sweet potato fries! This is one of my favorite meals for sure.
This weekend I'm hosting a baby shower and I'm already sad because I know I won't be able to eat jack. Sigh. I just have to look at the big picture and know this is all for a good cause. Brownies and cake will be here forever but my baby makin' years will not. ;)


  1. I am def never going to board the whole30 train, but I feel ya. When A had MSPI and I cut all dairy and soy from diet, it was basically the same - except for like sugar and carbs (what I sustain myself on), but it's crazy insane how many products contain those two allergens, which I'm sure you realize now from label reading. It's not just ice cream and edamame, it's like anything that's been prepared. I really didn't think it was too awful at the time, but my goodness, never going back!! Good luck, stay strong and the reason we do these things is worth it!!

  2. Those TJ's Chile burgers are such an easy lunch or dinner! Love those!

  3. oh man, I hear you. That kind of diet dedication would have me frustrated to only lose a couple pounds, though I always hear about it's not the pounds, but where and what you're losing and gaining. On a positive not, you actually made brussel sprouts look good!

    xx Viv at JoieDeViv

  4. I have never tried whole 30 but I also wonder when I read all these people saying they have miraculously found all this energy. I swear it has to be more of a mind shift than a body shift?? Attitude is everything and if people believe they're going to get more energy, perhaps their mind just tricks them into it?

  5. Ha, love your honesty!! I would feel the same way if I was eating like that! ;)


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