What to Wear {harem pants}

Thursday, January 29, 2015

I have to tell you I am 100% obsessed with my harem pants. They are like glorified sweats (elastic waist band and all) but much more chic. I got mine from CAbi last fall at an outlet and haven't take them off since. Well, not counting this week when Blair got Disney princess glitter chapstick all over the thigh. Dang it. But you get what I'm saying...I live in them! Below are some ways to style them and reasons why you should go and grab a pair! Oh, and excuse my unmade bed and pasty arms. I have a toddler annnnnnd it's winter.

by far my fave look!

date night

i love this look because it looks like a jumper which i'm all about!

playground chic
Here is why you need a pair...
1. They are as comfy as yoga pants but cuter
2. Elastic waist band...enough said
3. They can be worn with heels, wedges, flats, and converse
4. Although your hubby/bf will hate them I assure you your girlfriends will swoon
5. They make you look dressed when you're not

BTW Whole 30 ends Saturday for me and I will 100% be celebrating with a big. FAT. donut. I've read that for some people the benefits of Whole 30 don't kick in until day 45 or 60. No thank you. While I didn't lose any weight (major bummer) I wasn't really doing it for that anyway. M and I plan to continue with it but with the exception of having a cheat day or meal a week. That way I won't be so miserable deprived. ;)


  1. Those are caaaute! I've seen some before that I didn't like, but the black speaks to me! Rock it girl!

  2. A mom at a birthday party a few weeks ago was wearing a really cute pair and I've been looking for some ever since! I love the first look! Congrats on being almost done with W30!

  3. You look adorable! I love all of these looks, and I'm so happy you get to eat whatever you want soon :)

  4. Look number 1 is my favorite, too! Love how you can dress them up or down :)

  5. They look really cute with booties too! Love all your looks here!


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