NYE re-cap

Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year, friends! We had a great time in Palm Springs if you don't count the 2 -4 hour wait time for the tram. :( We really wanted to ride it with all the new snow but apparently everyone else in Palm Springs had the same great idea. Next time! We still had a great time hanging out with friends and eating lots of food before everyone's new year resolutions kicked in. ;) I'll be sharing my resolutions next week.

The view from the bottom of the tram. Womp womp.

Snow in the desert!

Northern California girls and Southern California girls unite!


We had an interesting/good time at the party at the Ace Hotel. Let me just say that "desert people" are a rare breed. It was like mega hipster and we stuck out like sore thumbs...mainly because we were actually dancing and having fun and apparently it's not cool to smile and have fun if you are a hipster. ;) Oh, and we learned that if you want to be a true hipster you have to have a killer beard so M and his friend Joey fit right in. Overall we had a great time and are really looking forward to going back again.

B spent the last couple of days with her grandparents and Auntie Lisa and I'm sure was in heaven with all the undivided attention. Poor Lisa either never wants kids now or has the itch. Ha ha. Blair's wetting the bed probably didn't help her cause to get another cousin. ;)

I hope you guys all had a great NYE celebration! Tell me, what are your resolutions? Do you have any?

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