Val Day for Toddlers

Monday, January 26, 2015

*** just realized that I never posted this on Friday...whoopsies!

Have you been seeing all the cute things out for Valentine's Day yet? I'm a sucker for holiday attire, gifts, decor etc. Basically I love holidays. ;) This year JCrew did not disappoint (but ugh they are so expensive for toddler clothing) and Gap had some cute items too (no surprise there). Check them out!

And while the boys selection is not quite as extensive (let's be real Val Day is for the ladies) I didn't forget about you boy Mamas!

If my wallet were overflowing I'd be outfitting Blair head to toe in JCrew, but it's not, so she will be donning last year's Val Day sweater because it still fits. ;) 

PS I probably really won't have much news to report fertility-wise until after I meet with my new doctor in a couple weeks to look more extensively at my thyroid/hormones. So till then "Infertility Fridays" will be on hold. :)


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