Holiday Weekend Re-cap

Monday, December 1, 2014

Happy December! It seems like so much has happened this weekend that I don't even know where to begin! Thanksgiving was great and I ate myself silly. B ate mostly rolls and I decided I wasn't going to fight that battle. More turkey for me!

Thanksgiving tablescape in the light.

On Friday I hit up Black Friday with some friends (I haven't done that in ages!) and had THE BEST vanilla scone ever from N7.

Could not resist these beautiful books at Anthro. Plus they were 25% off...that never hurts.

And while I was shopping M and B did some of their own BF shopping at HD. PJs and a princess dress for the win!

On Saturday the eating continued at our annual "Friendsgiving" I didn't feel too bad though because we line danced our booties off afterwards ( and then proceeded to get fat again at In-n-Out). Sunday a storm front moved in, and by that I mean that it drizzled here and was cloudy so we hung out at home and put up some Christmas decorations. My BFF was in town visiting her boyfriend (our roommate) so that was extra special and fun. I'm pretty sure Blair thinks she is her best friend. ;)

B and her besties at Friendsgiving

(Almost) all the kids
A rainy day calls for some finger painting!

hi-fiving Diana
Such a nice weekend and after B was done painting as I was washing her hands she said, "Thank you for letting me paint, Mommy." Melt my heart. The girl can be so sweet (when she wants to!).


  1. LOL sounds so familiar with the toddler roll eating and unusual Black Friday shopping. Love Cali's idea of a storm front, a little jealous actually.

  2. I love your bangs! So cute. You are so brave for finger painting and sounds like B agrees!! Happy December friend!!


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