Beach Balls and Bottles

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Hooray! We've added new items to our shop, Autumn Designs and Co.! For any mamas out there who are expecting their first girl (boys will be in the shop asap) we have an adorable set of monthly chalkboard signs to document your growing gal.

Also, I've had some feedback that customers would like to be able to buy the physical print (so they don't have to print it themselves) and have added a physical product alongside each digital one. I hope that makes sense. Basically, I am now printing and shipping them to you. :)

Thank you to those who have already purchased from our shop. I get giddy each time!

Last weekend we took Blair to see Santa. Being that last year went so well I was pretty nervous to see what stunt she would pull this year. Turns out she surprised us all and was such a big girl on Santa's lap! I prepped her beforehand by telling her that he would ask her what she would like and that she should ask him what his favorite cookies are etc. Girlfriend walked right up to his chair (with dirty baby in tow) and sat down next to him. Without hesitation she declared that she would like a beach ball and a new bottle for baby. I got off pretty easy if you ask me. ;) I'm pretty thankful for Amazon Prime right about now since beach balls are a little out of season. ;)

Did you spy dirty baby? She photographs pretty well, right?

Last weekend I also had a girls night in with some friends with a small white elephant gift exchange. We wore our p.j.s of course (my kinda party!) and had yummy food and drinks.

matching cindy loo whoos
And while I was at the gym and M was hiking my brother's girlfriend watched Blair. In ONE hour she had her bathed, dressed, hair brushed/washed, complete a festive painting, AND played hide and seek. Woah. She put me to shame and no you may not have her phone number...she's all mine!


  1. Dirty baby has clothes on!! So glad she was a Santa champ this year!!

  2. Love the Santa pic and I totally missed dirty baby until you mentioned it (;


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