Just Pretend Kids {Mermaid Tutu}

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Blair is no different than any other little girl...she loves imaginary play, especially dress up! Halloween was a dream come true for her and this last month she has been loving her mermaid tutu outfit from Just Pretend Kids. Although she keeps insisting that it is Rapunzel and not a mermaid...either way she's into it (don't let her lack of smile fool you).

I love JPK because their costumes are high quality and have a ton of detail. The headband and tutu on her outfit have sequins and seashells attached to them for extra flair. One day she will be sure to notice this and pretend to be Ariel instead of Rapunzel. ;) 

For once it is actually COLD here! This week the high is below 50 a couple days! Hence the clothes under the tutu...

Ring around the rosy with Baby.

Rockin her tutu with her jammies (and crocs!). Who dressed this kid?!

Playing princesses while dressed like a princess of course.
And ta-da! Since this girl got quite a few dress up gowns for Christmas I decided to hook her up with a dress up corner in our office (that no one sees). It can easily be removed for when we have guests over and she loves picking out her "outfit." The box on the floor is full of shoes, purses, and jewelry that I eventually would like to organize. Lately I've been doing little things like this for her because I know she will love it even if it means sacrificing my home decor. Sigh. She's only little once!

*This post was sponsored by Just Pretend Kids. All the opinions are my own!


  1. Love the clothing rack. I wanted to put in a low bar in our coat closet for all the dresses, but a lot of coats hang too low. Might raise the top bar to make way for the dresses on the bottom, the things we do for princess dresses!

  2. So sweet! I loved playing dress up when I was little! So fun!


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