Advent Calendar

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Yesterday was the start of our Advent Calendar. I'm using the same one that I made last year and sat down last night to decide which activities we would do on each day. Since we were already going to the Festival of Lights with our small group last night I used that as our activity. Fun for me, fun for her!

I wanted to incorporate the fun and magic of Christmas with the true reason for the season so each morning we read a verse from the Bible about the Christmas story. And our advent calendar activities don't include gifts but rather fun activities and doing things for others. That's just how we've decided to do it so we will see how it works out and adjust accordingly!

I still want to bust out our Elf on the Shelf but haven't decided exactly how we're going to go about it, nor have I had time think of a creative way for her to show up at our house. Pretty sure Blair will come up with a super creative name for our Elf too. Like Elf. Duh. ;)

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  1. These photos are precious! Love seeing the reactions of little ones faces when they see the lights for the holidays - so magical. I like the way you are doing your Advent Calendar! Also, can't help but notice your beautiful coat!! Love it.


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