Weekend Get-Away

Monday, October 7, 2013

Good news and bad news from this weekend. The good news is that we had an awesome time up in Lake Arrowhead with some friends. We got to stay in a beautiful cabin, enjoy some cool weather, and eat lots of good food. The bad news is that B didn't love sleeping in the cabin so we're pretty tired. She also had to take a trip to the doctor because of a cough that's been keeping her awake at night...turns out she probably has either allergies or asthma. Either way that is no bueno. :( Breathing treatments it is for this little girl until everything stops blooming!

Proud Mom moment: forgetting Blair's shoes at home AGAIN on vacation. Seriously?! Dad bought her a new pair but they were too big and not as cute as her moccasins. Fail. 

vest  shirt (similar)   pants(similar)

the hosts!

our view

the girls

family of three

i tried to convince her...she wasn't having any part of relaxing

c'mon B...just lay down!

apparently she was over pictures too

baggo champ

one of Blair's (many) boyfriends. girl's got good pickens.

couples competition

natalie 1 and natalie 2

Overall we had a really great time. We were supposed to get the pants scared off of us at Knott's Scary Farm but with little B not sleeping well we canceled. :( It's one thing for Mama and Dada to deal with a grumpy coughing child but I didn't want to put Lala through that. Guess there's always next year!


  1. Lake Arrowhead! I went there when I was a kid for a few summers. I figure skated and there's a big skating camp there! Looks like a fun weekend, aside from the sleeping problems;)

  2. Your pictures are adorable! It seems as though you had a great weekend. I must admit, I'm a little jealous of the cool weather. Florida just can't get with the program! I hope your baby girl feels better.



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