Vacation Re-cap

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Santa Rosa did not disappoint Blair. She had her fair share of great parks to visit. One of which had a real train, carousel, ducks, and pony's to ride. She even played on the 5 year old playground and slid down the slide all by herself! 

at one point I told B to "ride the cow" and a 5 year old promptly told me it was a "bull." Well excuuuuse me!

Uncle Pat recommended the snow cone. Until it fell out in the backseat of his car... oops.
Despite all the fun activities at the park B was in a pretty foul mood. She was working her way through a cold and wasn't as impressed with the facilities as we were.

once the train got moving she got over herself

cousin "Cole", Uncle Pat, and Oscar the Grouch
The girl literally went to a park everyday. Talk about spoiled. ;)

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  1. What a fun trip! I think playing at a new park is a real treat for toddlers -- they love to explore new terrain! Don't you love when someone else suggests a snack or dessert for you child that you know is going to be a mess?! My MIL does it all.the.time, but she always cleans it all up so I can't complain!


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