One Cool Cat

Friday, October 11, 2013

I took full advantage of the fall weather we had on Wednesday by busting out Blair's Halloween attire. Anytime in October is acceptable to scare-wear right? PS they DO still have this hat at baby gap. I found it and linked to it below!

mama donated $ for breast cancer and she got the cupcake

stopped by Lala's and Papa's to hang with Uncle Kevin

one cool cat
hat: baby gap
dress: baby gap
shoes: freshly picked
shades: complements of Lala

Today I leave to go to San Jose for the weekend to visit my BFFs and college roomies, Diana and Kelly. I am BEYOND excited but sad to leave my Little behind. I'm sure she will have a great time with Dada this weekend riding bikes, watching football, and taking long naps. Thanks M for letting me enjoy some me time with friends!


  1. So cute! Noah started wearing his "Halloween" outfits from Gap this week too! I figure you have to start now or they will really only wear once! Have fun on your weekend away :-)

  2. Adorable little kitty :). When did you turn her fwd facing? I'm thinking if doing it when Kenley comes but have a hard time justifying when we know one year olds who are bigger than Ashlynn... On the fence!

  3. As soon as October 1 hits, it is perfectly acceptable to decorate your children with any and all Halloween, Miss B is working it!

  4. She's too cut e in the shade and hate kicking back in her car seat! What a doll!

    Have a great weekend! You'll be up in my neck of the woods! I'm in San Mateo.

  5. Hi! I'm a new follower! Love your blog!


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