Flying the Friendly Skies

Monday, October 28, 2013

How good it feels to be home again! I had a great time in Santa Rosa visiting my Mom's twin sister and my Uncle and cousins but I can say it was awesome being in my own bed again. If you remember from last week we survived the 9.5 hour car ride (thanks to 2 accidents on the 5). We also dominated the plane ride home (probably because it was only 1 hour). Prayers answered! I'm convinced miracles do happen. ;)

travel is 100% better with Lala!

I was a human pack can't even see my other bag!

who spies the dirty blankie?!

B loved watching the planes. cheap entertainment!

I think we will start having "airport Wednesdays" where we just go and sit in the parking lot watching the planes. ;)
Southwest, you can thank me later for the free advertising!
     Actually Southwest was SO great with B and check-in and security was a breeze. Almost easier than when I'm by myself! B rocked the flight thanks to her many "If you give a mouse a cookie" books, the ipad, snacks, and her window seat. I can now say I have conquered my fear of flying with baby toddler. 9.5 hour car rides...not so much.

PS Yay for Halloween this week!

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