Mommy and Me: outerwear

Friday, October 4, 2013

Lately I've been patrolling the aisles of Old Navy and finding some great things for fall/winter. And how dorky fun is it to match your mini?! Matching Christmas card here we come! Kidding. :)

all items from Old Navy (except the women's fur vest: nordstrom)
I scooped up the down vest and anorak for me (I already own a faux fur vest). Then I scooped up the down vest and anorak for Blair. I'm waiting for that little fur vest to go on sale. :) And this, my friends, is one of the many reasons why I love being a girl mom!


  1. I really should invest in a new vest, I still rock one from college... but I guess a black puffer vest never really loses it style. Sometimes I laugh at "anoraks", not the actual coat, I like them, but I remember when Gap had "anoraks" back in HS (late 90s) and they were the little pullover rain jackets that rolled up into their own pockets. Everyone had one in different color (because they had like the whole rainbow) and it was thee little pullover jacket to have - even though we all had like 5 other jackets just like them from all our sports teams. I'm glad they at least have style now. The word just makes me think back to those days.

    1. Haha I had that "anorak" from Gap back then!

    2. Oh yuck I wore those Gap anoraks from the 90's all the time. I had like every color. They were all the rage but now I'm so embarrassed to have worn them. They were like wearing a trash bag. Love that Old Navy anorak though!!

  2. I LOVE the fur vest! I'm gonna have to look for that!


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