Toddler Tuesday

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Like I said, the older she gets the more I love this parenthood thing! But I'm sure there's a bell curve with that (um like when she hits high school). She's been pretty low key lately except for the occasional diaper change outburst.

reading with Dada

rockin' her pony (romper: baby gap)

literally lovin' life (shades: target)

auntie tiff!
She's still doing her bum in the air spider man crawl and getting pretty brave with the stairs. She also is standing up on her own more frequently. When will you walk?!

awesome sand/water table from Costco

She is getting better at her animal sounds and is a pro at signing "please." Sometimes she gets both hands going. This makes me think she really wants whatever she's signing for. It's like a double please!

B has been lovin' lots of things lately. Her sunglasses, books, and tongue are a few. She is the queen of the outdoors, seriously a girl after her daddy's heart! She pounds on our sliding glass door to give me a subtle hint that she wants out. I'm fed up with dressing her because she gets so filthy playing with her sand and water table and kiddie pool. Then there's the fact that since she is crawling she can't really wear dresses because they get stuck under her knees. Sigh. Please walk soon B so I can put you in dresses. Not at all selfish, right? ;) 

outfit of the day. er' day.
birthday party baby pool. this suit we borrowed was genius. see why below.
wait, what?! snaps!? what genius thought of this and has not shared their secret with baby gap...
here Dad have a leaf. i've seen you eat them before but you call them "salad"

yup. we got a kiddie pool. yes we already have a real pool. convenience my friends. oh and water is warmer when there is less of it... (suit: target)


  1. So jealous of your warm temps and outdoor play, we are in a cold snap and it blows! Yesterday it was only 50 booo

  2. Phone froze... Love all her cute suits and totally agree about how much fun they are right now!

  3. We can't wait to get a kiddie pool this summer!!!


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