Cinco de Mayo Attire

Thursday, May 2, 2013

The sadness of the birthday aftermath has settle in (you know, when no one acknowledges your specialness everywhere you go?) so I had to find the next thing to look forward to...Cinco de Mayo! Ay Ay Ay! This weekend we are going to some friend's house to celebrate this (non) holiday complete with beer, chips, and hopefully some fake 'staches.

Since baby gap had a 35% off sale yesterday (hello! who would ever pay full price? not this girl!) I decided to score some "cinco wear for blair" (cute, how I rhymed that?!) Be sure to stock up on some goodies for your cutie!

B is expecting 1, 5, 6, and 8 to arrive any day now!

And for all you mamas out there...

lace blouse: nordstrom

basball jacket: nordstrom

leather jacket: nordstrom

tunic: pia puano

maxi dress:

my wish was that it wouldn't go to my thighs...

lala, mama, and b

clearly the crayons were a hit!

ME: sweater: cabi pants: cabi tank: jcrew
B: tank: carter's shorts: gap shoes: kmart bow: made by friend


  1. Love baby gap and those outfits!!! :)

  2. Cute stuff as always!! I was all over that green tassle top day one, can't wait for it to get here! :) Hope you had a great birthday!! XOXO

    1. i know! i have a small baby gap addiction for sure...

  3. LOVE that #6 dress for they make it my size? I swear that it looks just like the bathing suit pattern everyone is blogging/pinning. And that maxi from Nordi's has my name on it. Looks like you had a great bday!! xo

  4. Oh those baby girl dresses are so beautiful! I'm sure it would not be cool if I dressed my son in one. Kidding-- I would NEVER.

    Also, I loooove that Lulu maxi! not a terrible price either.

  5. Cute cute cute cute cute! Is it terrible that I want some of the baby clothes in my size??


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