DIY pantry boxes

Thursday, May 9, 2013

At our house we love Melissa and Doug toys. I feel like those toys bring kids "back to their roots" if that makes sense? No batteries required, nothing fancy, just some old school fun. Fast forward to me shopping for some fake food for B's kitchen and I stumbled across these...

It got me thinking while the set is only $9 I was like wait a minute, $9 for some cardboard boxes that we already own! Skip that I'm making my own...

looks like B is cooking up some fun!

her favorite box is the one with the babies. she loves pointing to them. :)

serious shopping in action. ;)


  1. We do that with our old boxes too. I stuff them with batting (or you could use news paper or tissue)and then tape up the tops with packing tape. It helps them last a bit longer before becoming totally thrashed :) Missing you guys...hope to see you soon (or at least before the girls all grow up and leave for college :)

  2. The last picture is awesome!

  3. Such a good idea! I totally need to save boxes for the same reason!

  4. I just emptied the boxes of their contents and taped the lids shut with packing tape. But see Kim's comments below for a sturdier way to do it!


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