Cotton On, Nordstrom, and Target Oh My!

Thursday, May 23, 2013


To sum it up yesterday was pretty great. My brother got a ticket for fishing without a license and while this doesn't seem great one way my parents have decided he can pay them back is through babysitting. Basically my mom and I go shopping distraction baby free and Jake earns cold hard cash towards his little hefty ticket. Win-win! I asked Jake if he was planning on becoming a single dad anytime soon and he said, "no, having a baby is so BORING." All I could do was laugh. Clearly he had had too much Old McDonald for one afternoon.

I however could not get enough of the Nordstrom half yearly sale (Among other goodies at our mall). I reallllllly wanted this dress below but wished it was on sale...

I stopped by Cotton On for Kids and got B some seriously rad leggings. They remind me of some of the ones I've seen on Etsy but for a third of the price!

all leggings from Cotton On
feather headband from Cotton On $2!!! 

i couldn't pass up this sweater with the gold sparkle trim. way cuter in person!

I also have found some pretty adorable suits at Target (where else?!) this last week. And really you can't go wrong with the price tag!

love the fun geometric print

chevron and lime green hardware
got B's new gold mocs from Freshly Picked! Yay!

um can they make these in my size?
PS Freshly Picked is having a giveaway AND sale this week so follow them on Instagram and get some mocs!


  1. Cotton On for Kids?!! OMG - we have Cotton On but it is just the regular one. Is the whole store just for kids?

  2. She's too cute in her mocs!!


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