Toddler Tuesday

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

We enjoyed all the sunshine southern California had to offer last weekend (it was 95!) by getting a lot of yard work done around the house. And by we of course I mean the hubs. B and I enjoyed a play date at the park last week with an old co-worker of mine and her grand-daughter. Then we met Dada up for some lunch.

neighborhood litter sand box. top here

i wonder if they're teething?

pretty sure a balloon solves all of the world's problems.

guess who's home from college! that may or may not be duck dynasty on in the background...

Well I'm not pleased to say it but I think B has discovered "hitting." I can't tell if it is on purpose or if she just caught me in the face by accident (is that possible?) but it happened. Last week I was putting her down for a nap and I took a book away and she got mad and was flapping her arms around and whacked me in the face. I was so surprised by it I just plopped her in her bed and said buh-bye.

But it got me thinking...what am I going to do/say when she does it for real? I asked one of my dear friends who has kiddos a bit older than B and she had the sweetest reply. When her boys would hit her she would say "Ouch! That hurts Mama! Let me show you how to be gentle (gently strokes their face). God created our hands to be kind and gentle."

So simple and yet so powerful. So B and I had a little chat when she woke up. Which I am sure she totally remembers... ;) But hey if anything it is good practice for me!

I started reading this book below and I've only read the first chapter but was so encouraged with their Biblical parenting philosophy. If you haven't read it, I encourage you to take a look. I already feel less worried about discipline.

get it here
In other more positive milestones B is really tearing it up on her walker. I mean straight hauling a** around the house. I think she scares Bella when she gets going full speed. It's pretty funny to watch her try to flip a U when she gets stuck in a corner though. Like a robot who just keeps ramming the wall. Sometimes I help her. Sometimes I just watch and laugh. Kidding. Sort of. Pretty sure the parenting book above does not recommend the latter...

she loves putting her groceries (aka red solo cup and plastic spoon) in her cart or similar here. PJs by Old Navy.

walker here. shirt from nordstrom, pants here.
there's a zombie in B's bed!
Um just started watching the Walking Dead. Holy moo that show gives me the heebie jeebies! But I can't stop watching it! It puts me on the edge of my seat but I'm totally addicted. Let's just say I've been snuggling a bit closer to M at night...


  1. Love her groceries! Ashlynn needs to come teach her the u-turn trick -just walk around the walker and push or the other way backwards! Although she's definitely steering it much better these days, she still loves smacking into the walls -babies!

    Ashlynn isn't really grasping the word no yet, definitely makes patenting frustrating!

  2. Love her floral denim with striped stylish!! ;) And Ethan has caught my face a couple times and I tell him Ow! No...that hurts! And he just laughs...oy!

  3. Can you invite me over sometime to watch her get stuck in the corner??? thanks:) Lynnea


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